An Appow
Bible App Hemm yw an kreffa a’n appow, ha’n moyha lieskonnyk. A-dro dhe 1306 yeth, Kernewek y’ga mysk. Klykk omma rag manylyon. This is the strongest and most versatile of the apps. About 1,551 languages, including Cornish. Click here for details
An appow yw rag tablet po pellgowser smart, hag y hyllir aga iskarga heb kost dhiworth gwithva Apple po Google. Y hyllir aga gweles ynwedh war jynn-amontya po barrlennell. Yma an keth Bibel y’n dhew app. The apps are for tablet or smart phone and can be downloaded free from the Apple or Google stores. They can also be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Y hyllir mires orth an Bibel kowal war an kesroesweyth ynwedh yn The whole Bible can be seen on the internet in po yn or in ena ‘Read theBIble Now’, ena hwila then search for ABK (An Bibel Kernewek)
Bible Sans Nowydh. Hemm yw app teg y semlans, ha pur sempel y oberyans. Kernewek ha dew Vibel sowsnek. Klykk omma rag manylyon. This is an attractive app, and very easy to use. Cornish, and two English Bibles. Click here for details.
The Apps