An Appow

Bible App

Hemm yw an kreffa a’n appow, ha’n moyha lieskonnyk.  

Klykk omma rag manylyon

This is the strongest and most versatile of the apps.  Click here for details.
An appow yw rag tablet po pellgowser smart, hag y hyllir aga iskarga heb kost dhiworth gwithva Apple rag iOS, po dhiworth gwithva Google rag Android. The apps are for use on tablets or smart phones, and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple store for iOS, or from the Google store for Android.

Bible Sans

Nowydh. Hemm yw sempel, ha teg y semlans.  

Klykk omma rag manylyon

This is an attractive app, and easy to use.  Click here for details.

Bible Search

Nyns yw hemma app gwir, mes kevrenn dhe’n kesroesweyth.

Y hyllir y ynstallya war tablet po pellgowser smart avel app

gwayadow, po y hyllir y gavoes war jynn-amontya.  Klykk

omma rag manylyon

This is not a true app, but a link to the internet.  It can be installed on a tablet or smart phone as a mobile app, or it can be used on a computer. Click here for details.
The Apps