Bible App
Download Bible App from Apple store for iOS, or from Google Play Store for Android. You can also see it on the internet: The app is provided by YouVersion on behalf of the Bible Society.

In this app you can read the Bible in 1,306 languages, including Cornish, and

there is a choice of over 1,890 Bibles including ABK (An Bibel Kernewek), six

Welsh Bibles, and 58 English Bibles. To change to another language or Bible

click the current Bible trigraph e.g. ABK; look at the ‘Recently used’ list; or

scroll down to other Bibles in the current language. To change the language

click Language, then either the ‘Suggested’ tab or the ‘All’ tab and scroll down.

In some Bibles you can listen to readings. Three books of ABK have been

recorded, and it is hoped more will follow.

You can receive a ‘Verse of the Day’ daily in Cornish at a time of your choice:

Menu>More>Verse of the Day>Text>Send me this daily> Allow.

You can split the screen so as to read two Bible versions side by side, e.g. ABK

and KJV or any others from the full list of languages.

You can download ABK or other Bibles, so that they can be read on a mobile

device without Wi-Fi.

You can mark the text in various colours and make Notes and Bookmarks.

For PC or laptop: go to Then

click on Jenesis and select the book you want. If you want some other

language click on ABK in the top line, then on Change language and drag down

to e.g. English, Cymraeg, Brezhoneg, Gaeilge or any other language; if there is

more than one Bible in that language select the Bible you want.

Iskarg Bible App dhiworth gwithti Apple rag iOS po gwithti Google rag Android. Ty a yll y weles ynwedh war an kesroesweyth: An app ma re beu proviys gans YouVersion a-barth Kowethas an Bibel. • Y’n app ma ty a yll redya an Bibel yn 1,306 yeth, Kernewek y’ga mysk, hag yma dewis a dres 1,890 Bibel, y’ga mysk An Bibel Kernewek (ABK), hwegh Bibel cymraeg, ha 58 Bibel sowsnek. Dhe janjya dhe yeth arall po Bibel arall, klykk trigraf an Bibel a-lemmyn, r.e. ABK; mir orth an rol ‘Recently used’, po skrol yn-nans dhe Biblow erell y’n yeth a-lemmyn. Dhe janjya an yeth klykk ‘Language’, hag ena po an leppik ‘Suggested’, po an leppik ‘All’, ha skrol yn- nans. • Yn re an Biblow ty a yll goslowes orth lennansow. Tri lyver kott a ABK re beu sonskrifys, ha govenek a’gan beus y fydh moy keworrys y’n termyn a dheu. • Ty a y yll degemmeres ‘Verse of the Day’ yn Kernewek yn termyn dewisys genes: Menu>More>Verse of the Day>Text>Send me this daily>Allow. • Ty a yll folsa an skrin, may fo dew vershyon biblek redys war-barth, r.e ABK ha KJV, po Biblow erell pynag dhiworth an rol leun a Viblow yn oll an yethow. • Ty a yll iskarga ABK po Biblow erell, may fons redyadow war daffar gwayadow pan nag eus WiFi. • Ty a yll merkya an tekst yn liwyow divers, ha gul notennow ha Bookmarks. Rag jynn amontya po barrlennell: ke dhe Ena klykk war ‘Jenesis’ ha dewis an lyver a vynnydh. Mar mynnydh neb yeth arall klykk war ABK y’n linenn a-wartha, ena war ‘Change language’ ha drayl yn-nans dhe English, Cymraeg, Brezhoneg, Gaeilge po yeth arall pynag. Mars eus moy es unn Bible y’n yeth na dewis an Bibel a vynnydh.