An App
Yma edhomm dhe’n app a iOS7, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, WIndows Phone, Kindle Fire hag erell. Ny ober gans barlinnell na jynn-amontya desk. Ynstallashyon Iskarg an app ‘Bible’ po ‘Bible app’ dhiworth dha withva-app usadow.  Proviys yw heb kost gans Kowethas an Bibel (BFBS). Poken ty a yll y iskarga dhiworth gwiasvaow BFBS y honan,  po I a vynn orthis kovskrifa. Wosa henna, i a dhannvon dhis ebost owth aswonn dha wovynnadow.  Res yw gorthybi. Chanjya Yeth ha Vershyon An kynsa gweyth ty dhe wul devnydh anodho, settys vydh war neb Bibel sowsnek, avel GNTD (Good News Translation). Dhe janjya dhe ABK (An Bibel Kernewek) tapp war GNTD yn topp an skrin, hag y’n rol a omdhiskwedh, tapp war an ger Change. Rol a 664 yeth a omdhiskwedh.  Skub yn-nans dhe Kernewek ha’y dappya. Poran yn-danno, tapp ABK, ha folenn a’n Bibel Kernewek a omdhiskwedh.  A-wosa, ABK a vydh y’n rol a vershyonow ‘Recently used’, hag ev a vydh an defowt bys pan vo chanjys. Yn-dann pub yeth, yma roll a oll an vershyonow kavadow y’n yeth na. Rag ensampel, English a’n jeves 40, Français 11, Deutsch 9, Cymraeg 5, Español 4, Gaeilge 3. Y hyllir iskarga re an Biblow, may fons redys pan nag eus kevrenn dhe WiFi na dhe 3G.  Klykk war an arwoedh wyrdh  dhe dhyghow hanow an Bibel. A-wosa, an arwoedh a dheu ha bos gwynn. Dewis Chaptra ha Gwers Yma teyr arwoedh yn topp an skrin: Hanow an lyver, Chaptra, ha Berrheans an Bibel, r.e. Yowann 14 ABK. Tapp war Hanow an lyver, ha rol a lyvrow ABK a omdhiskwedh, stroethys y’n eur ma dhe’n Testament Nowydh ha’n Salmow. An rol yw heweres mar nyns osta sur pyth yw hanow neb lyver yn Kernewek.  Tapp war an lyver a vynnydh, ena war niver an chaptra, ena war niver an wers. An Venegva Tapp war . Re a’n arwoedhyow y’n venegva yw rag maynys sosyel. A’n re erell, an re ma a yll bos heweres: Home:  a dhiskwedh Verse of the Day, ha’y chaptra leun. Read: klykk war wers po gwersyow dh’aga islinenna, ena dewis Bookmark, po Highlight, ena sawya Notes: ty a yll skrifa notenn ha’y sawya Settyansow .  Ogas dhe woeles an settyansow, yma dhe Language 32 yeth ynterfas: an chyf yethow europek, hag erell.  Yn le Sowsnek ty a yll dewis yeth arall.  Nyns yw Kernewek  kavadow y’n eur ma.  An ynterfas dewisys a vydh an defowt, na fors pandr’a vo yeth an Bibel kesresek. Gwers an Jydh Settyansow  dhe woeles Gwers an Jydh a re chons may fo dannvenys an wers dhis dre ebost pub-dydh, po dre avisyans herdhys pub dydh, po aga dew.  Sett an termyn may fynnydh aga havoes.  Ty a yll kavoes ebost yn unn yeth hag avisyans herdhys yn yeth arall.  Dhe weles an avisyans herdhys yn iPad, skub yn-nans dhiworth top an skrin. Hwilas der an Bibel Tapp  yn topp an skrin ha skrif kampoellans a-ji y’n furvas r.e. 2korinth 10:4-5.  Yn tybiethel y hyllir hwilas ger alhwedh ynwedh, mes dell hevel ny ober henna yn ta yn ABK. Ytho rag hemma gwell yw gul devnydh a’n wijet Bible Search y’n wiasva ma. Son Yn re a’an vershyonow yma restrenn son.  Y hyllir hy klewes rag ensampel yn Sowsnek (KJV, ASV, DRC, ESV h.e.), Greka Koine (NTPT), Arabek (AVD, NAV, GNA) ha lies yeth arall, mes yma fowt a’n yethow keltek y’n eur ma. Assay restrenn son KJV predennek (a-der KJVA).  Klykk war  y’n korn dyghow dhe woeles an tekst, ena war an seth Dalleth.
The app requires iOS7, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire etc.  It will not work with a laptop or desk- top computer. Installation Download the app ‘Bible’ or ‘Bible app’ from your normal app store.  It is provided free of charge from the British and Foreign Bible Society.  Alternatively you can download it from BFBS sites  or You will be asked to register. After that you will be sent a confirmatory e-mail.  This must be replied to. Changing Language and Version The first time you use it, it will be set on an English Bible, e.g. GNTD (The Good News Translation).  To change to the Cornish Bible ABK (An Bibel Kernewek) tap on GNTD, the third of three items at the top of the screen, and in the list that appears tap on the word Change. A list of 664 languages appears. Swipe down to Kernewek and tap it. Immediately under that, tap ABK and a page of the Cornish Bible will appear.  Thereafter, ABK will be listed in the top section of the language list as a ‘Recently Used’ version, and it will remain the default version until changed.  Below any language the available versions for that language are listed.  English for example has 40, Français 11, Deutsch 9, Cymraeg 5, Español 4, Gaeilge 3.         Some Bibles can be downloaded so that they can be used when out of range of WiFi or 3G.  Click the green  to the right of a Bible version’s name.  The symbol turns white after downloading. Selecting a Chapter and Verse There are three items centre top of the screen: Book name, Chapter, and Bible abbreviation: e.g. Yowann 14 ABK.  If you tap on the Book name a list of books available in ABK appears; limited at present to the New Testament and Psalms.  That is useful if you are not sure what a book name is in Cornish. Tap on one of those books and then tap on the required chapter number, then on the required verse number.  The Index Tap on . Some of the items concern social media. Of the others, the following are useful: Home:  shows the Verse of the Day, and its full chapter. Read: click on a verse or verses to underline it and then choose Bookmark, or Highlight, then Save Notes: you can write a note and save it. Settings .  Near the bottom of the settings, Language offers 32 interface languages, the main European languages among others.  Instead of English you could choose another language. Cornish is not at present available. The chosen interface will remain the default regardless of the language of the current Bible. Verse of the Day  Settings    at the bottom of Verse of the Day offers the opportunity to be sent the Verse of the Day by daily e-mail, or by daily push notification, or both.  Set the time at which you require them.  You could have e-mail in one version and push notification in another.  To see the daily push notification on an iPad swipe down the notification centre from the top of the screen. Bible Search Tap  at the top of the screen and enter a reference in the format e.g. 2korinth 10:4-5. In theory you can also look up a keyword, but this appears not to be successful in ABK.  For this purpose we recommend  using instead the Bible Search widget on this website. Audio In some versions there is an audio file.  It can be seen for example in English (KJV, ASV, DRC, ESV etc.), New Testament Greek (NTPT), Arabic (AVD, NAV, GNA) and many other languages, but at present no Celtic ones. Try out the  KJV audio file.  Click  on  in the bottom right corner, then on the start arrow.